3 Reasons Real Technicians Wear Safety Gloves

REAL mechanics don’t wear safety gloves? A few reasons why Humble Mechanic supports wearing the right gloves for the job:

Chemical Contact

Working on cars, your hands come into contact with a lot of nasty stuff, including paint and organic & synthetic solvents like acetone, xylene or MEK. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, why wouldn’t you want to protect it?

High-touch Surfaces

Think long and hard about the surfaces you touch whenever you enter someone else’s car: the door handles, steering wheel, seat belts, shifter. The list goes on. It’s a germ factory!

Keep Customer Cars Clean

When I’m working outside the car and switching between the interior and exterior with oil on my hands, I don’t want to wash my hands seven, eight times a day just to move the car out of the shop. It’s really easy to put another pair of gloves on. It’s not really easy to get that grease stain off a customer’s Cornsilk Beige seat.

When You Might Skip Safety Gloves

The one job I rarely wear gloves for is doing in-depth wiring repairs. If I’m doing a single wire repair, I’m probably not going to remove my gloves. But I will if I’m repairing multiples for better dexterity and hand feel.

Pick Your Preference

When working in contact with solvents or caustic fluids, nitrile gloves offer greater chemical-resistance than latex.