WS-400 Series 2 Base

The ANEST IWATA WS-400 Series 2 Base was designed with the future of wet-on-wet waterborne technologies in mind by delivering a faster, coarse, center wet core with optimal material control. It’s offered in a variety of configurations allowing you to match your spray gun to your specific product line and environment.

Split Nozzle™2.0 Compliant Base
The most advanced pre-atomisation technology, ‘Split Nozzle™2.0’, was developed exclusively for the Series 2 spray guns to offer unrivalled performance with all new and traditional types of auto refinish paint, as well as all application types and climates.

DPG-1 – Digital Manometer System
Fully integrated, it maintains the balance, feel and design of the original WS/LS spray gun. What’s more, thanks to the ‘Click-Mag’ locking system, it can easily be detached when cleaning the spray gun.

PVD Surface Treatment
The Series 2 digital version features a brand-new special surface treatment based on PVD technology. This strengthens the spray gun body whilst also improving its look.


AVAILABLE IN: Standard and Digital


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