Rapid Air Dry Clearcoat

5101-EVIR Rapid Air Dry Clearcoat (Electric Vehicle/Infrared) is a 4:1 mix, 2.1 VOC high quality, premium two-coat speed clear. Designed to hustle, this product provides not only excellent UV resistance, but excellent sag resistance, exceptional gloss and DOI within a true 90 minute window to cut and buff.

*Unique proprietary anti-static formula minimizes dust attraction while air drying!
*Unique proprietary resins, additives and catalysts formulated for IR cure!

IR and low-bake cure offer unprecedented cure speeds under 10 minutes with excellent flow, leveling and gloss for a two-coat (Option for three-coats for heavier cut and buff increases cure times by 50-100%) spot, panel, multi-panel and overall refinishing.

*For Direct to Metal, Mild Steel and Aluminum applications use #5103-EVIR DTM Activator (test panel for compatibility). Use 5 STAR ADVANTAGE #59007 adhesion promoter over other substrates.

*For DTM applications, DO NOT accelerate cure with IR or baking! For best adhesion sand the substrate with 220, 320 or 400 grit sandpaper and test adhesion with a cross hatch test prior to applying to large areas. If applying to non-sanded metal surfaces, test adhesion on a small area of the same material using a cross hatch adhesion test prior to applying to a finished part/surface.

5101-EVIR Rapid Air Dry Clearcoat is a Round Gallon w/spout





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