Quick-N-E-Zee Instant Repair Patch

Cures rock solid in sunlight in 10 mins! No tools required. Fast-easy-cheap bumper repairs.

5 STAR ADVANTAGE Instant Repair Patch is an extremely durable fiberglass reinforced polyester with excellent adhesion properties for long lasting repairs. It makes repairing easy and effortless as well as keeps costs down. This unique one-of-a-kind product, comes out of the package as pliable as a band-aid, ten minutes later with Sun or UV light it turns hard as steel. After it’s done curing, you can drill, sand and/or paint it. The adhesive is non-toxic and will not irritate or harm your skin. It’s waterproof, weather resistant, rot resistant, rust resistant, UV resistant, non-flammable, fire resistant, and temperature resistant (-40°C to 200°C). There’s no shrinkage or expansion during application or after curing.



#5225 Quick-N-E-Zee Instant Repair Patch 3”x 6” 12 each / case

#5227 Quick-N-E-Zee Instant Repair Patch 9”x 12” 6 each / case

#5228 Quick-N-E-Zee Instant Tab Repair Patch 2-1”x 3” 12 each / case

#5229 Quick-N-E-Zee UV Flashlight


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