Iwata LS-400 Series 2 Base

The ANEST IWATA LS-400 Series 2 Base is a premium spray gun featuring optimized, uniform coarse atomization — perfect for solvent or waterborne base coat applications with a variety of nozzles, giving it the ability to perform in all climates and conditions.

Split Nozzle™2.0 HVLP Base
The most advanced pre-atomisation technology, ‘Split Nozzle™2.0’, was developed exclusively for the Series 2 spray guns to offer unrivalled performance with all new and traditional types of auto refinish paint, as well as all application types and climates.

HVC – High Valuable Controller Manometer
HVC inline manometer is recommended and available for accurate performance and colour reproduction.

Optimized Ergonomic Experience
Anest Iwata and Pininfarina pushed the boundaries of the original design of the WS/LS-400, resulting in a more contoured, lightweight body with improved balance.


AVAILABLE IN: Standard and Digital


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