For 75 years English Color & Supply has been dedicated to providing the best buying experience for customers. Our employees, customers, and suppliers are the foundation of our success and we strive to provide solutions based on our foundation and history to provide customer service above the rest.


In 1946 founder Bob English started his early battery business which provided customers inventory to sell on consignment, a practice new to the industry. Bob was always determined to provide a higher level of service for his customers than the market had experienced.

In a new venture in 1949, Bob entered the paint business on a challenge to provide a perfect color match on a 1949 Mercury Tampico Red Metallic which the painter had been unable to match. When he sprayed the car, low and behold, the color was a perfect match. Upon completion he was paid the 90¢. Upon returning to his business, he informed his father English Color Supply had arrived.

After almost 10 years of running the business out of a 1940 Panel Wagon, English Color opened its first official store located in Dallas Texas in 1973. We are now a network of retail stores and warehouses serving customers in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, New Mexico and Alabama.

Bob’s vision was not to just have stores but to open a Collision Industry Training Center. He knew that anything we could do to help our customers be more successful in their business would help grow our own. In 1996 his vision was completed to fill the local training void after the major paint manufacturers had closed their Dallas training centers.


What started as a one man venture has now become a workplace for over 400 dedicated employees. These are people who continue to strive for growth and customer service above the rest just like Bob did. Our Vision here at ECS is to provide our associates with a long rewrading career opportunity that encouurages continued development. The goal is to bring added value to our customers as well as job satisfaction to our employees.



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